Our Story: Why we opened A Different Ring.

One afternoon in Toronto, with a couple hours to spend, we found ourselves in a thrift store. 

After looking at the electronics, furniture and clothes, we gravitated towards their glass display case, typically filled with higher-value items such as necklaces and rings. 

Examining the store's collection, we were surprised to find many beautiful silver pieces: Pandora rings, vintage styles and even one ring that featured a crab. 

Leaving with several, albeit tarnished rings, we returned home and spent the rest of the day cleaning and polishing our purchases. The results were stunning; we had beautiful silver rings at a fraction of the retail price. 


Okay, you bought some rings; why start a ring shop? 

We were lucky at the thrift store; from the handful of rings they had, the pieces we found were incredible. 

We left with the excellent crab ring I mentioned earlier, but what if I had wanted a different animal? A different style? Or a different size? 

With A Different Ring, we aim to solve this problem; We take the uncertainty out of finding beautiful and unique rings.

We will hunt thrift stores, online auctions and garage sales and purchase, clean, reject, and revitalize thousands of rings. 

When you purchase from us, all this work is done for you. And, may I add, at a fair and affordable price.